We Love Our Current Ultimate Vendors

Au Petit Bourgeon www.aupetitbourgeon.com
Adriana KP – Ababa Baby Props – https://ababababy.bigcartel.com/

Bambini Props  https://bambiniprops.bigcartel.com/

Becky Myers – Intuition Backgrounds – www.intuitionbackgrounds.com

Click Props - https://clickprops.co.uk 

Hany Fernández – Hanita Props – www.etsy.com/it/shop/HanitaProps

Lemon Sky Photography LSP www.lsp-actions.com 

Madras Prop Store  www.madraspropstore.com
Mimosa House - https://mimosa.house

Modest Little Me modestlittlemeboutique.bigcartel.com

Paloma Schell - https://www.palomaschellshop.com
Posh Backdrops - http://www.poshbackdrop.com

RetouchUp – https://www.retouchup.com/
Sandra + Brendon Moffatt – Stand In Baby – www.StandInBaby.com

Wentz Background – www.wentzstore.com

Our store is www.bellybabywear.com



Its a small fee to pay for the support, exposure you will gain, and absolutely the new customers. There is no question about it. Plus you are featured as the "ultimate vendor " and you are treated that way as well. From the business standpoint: if you look at Ana's business model, and you have a chance to be a part of it, jump on it, dont waste any more time overthinking. That fee will payoff itself with couple of new sales.  - Ababa Baby


I’m not honestly sure how much business truly comes straight from being an ultimate vendor BUT! I adore Ana she’s so knowledgeable she has so many students all over the world so surely the small fee it costs I make back within one or two of her students ordering and item that they see when visiting my shop 😍😍😍 I am a huge Ana Brandt fan! Modest Little Me


I have spent approximately $5000 on ads at Facebook & Instagram last year, yet I do not know if any of the dollar I spent resulted in newborn Photographers finding my Mimosa House shop as well as customers ended up purchasing our furs, jersey wraps or any of our products.

After 5 years in newborn props business, I know now Facebook and Instagram do not help generating anymore sales because none of new customers contacted me said that they have found out about Mimosa House as a result of ads at SNS.

However, almost 90% of my customers are referred by other photographers or by teachers of newborn photo.
And referral by Ana or even mentioning of Mimosa House name ESPECIALLY by Ana at any of Ana’s workshops or Ana’s Facebook groups have IMMEDIATE resulted in contact, sales, and name recognition of Mimosa House as if by Michelin Guide’s “Finest Restaurants or Finest Prop Vendors in America 🇺🇸”—that is equivalent of spending tens of thousand of thousands of dollars ads on YouTube, TV or radio.
And photographers in US and all over world have trusted Ana’s words, Ana’s truthfulness and Ana’s genuineness.

I personally have blessed and am grateful to have met and have known Ana and any of Ana’s staff at Tustin studio.

Finally, please know nobody has paid me to write my true feeling about spending ads money at Ultimate Vendors.
Mike Peng - Mimosa House