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OUR MEMBERSHIP AREA is HERE - you are on the site - it is a community site in which you can talk to other members in the forum,. It gives you discounts to our Ultimate Vendors and our store You can purchase a lifetime membership and never pay another fee again. It gives you access to our live workshops and there are a ton of other downloads, videos, member only podcasts and other downloads not available anywhere else.

OUR LEARNING CENTER IS - it is a learn on demand area in which courses were created with several videos, and other modules in which you can learn at your own pace. The Learning Center is an online classroom environment in which individual courses were created. You can purchase a course and immediately start learning independently. When you pay for a course it stays in your account. There is a Premium Option to buy a Bundle that gives free classes for the year. Even if you do not renew you still keep the courses in your account.

So basically -one is a learning center like Creative Live - the other is a membership site.


What's New...

The Art of the Model Call Members only Podcast

Learn how to get the shape of the Heart Bowl

(under tutorial videos)


New Parent Posing Guide - in the Downloads area

Members check the Member Site! Our first monthly meetup is in October in California.
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Monthly Meetups are coming! We will be starting in Southern  California  and adding New York as well. Ana also plans on finding leaders over the year that can head up monthly meetups in their area. We want to empower photographers all over the world and sometimes meeting just 2-3 hours a month is what we need. Make new friends, learn a new craft, practice posing and all sorts of other things will be happening in our Meetup groups! Stay tuned for a schedule and more details. We will be starting in February 2020.


Our goal is to help educate and inspire Photographers everywhere! Our Membership community is a living, breathing area in which we constantly add new material. Unlike an online course where there is a beginning and end - our Member site site has no end! As we grow in our Business, we communicate, create and release material for the Photographer. Whether you are just starting out, or a seasoned veteran, we believe our content will enhance your future goals!

Membership Includes

Members Only Live Workshops (we had 8 live workshops in 2018)

Members Only Podcasts

Members Discounts (they are in our forum)

Member Discussion Forum

Downloads include forms, price guides, digital logs, etc.

Tutorial videos on editing and culling

Members only Webinars

Session videos

Our Magazine will be coming back, as well as Member features and contests!

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Here's what our Members are saying!!!!




Hi Anakiss thank you so much for making this possible to me and the rest of the beautiful friends taking advantage of being a lifetime member for$99 Wohoo!

You have no idea the great inspiration you have injected in our imaginative creativity!!rainbow You deserve a great applause clapfrom all of us! We love you even more for being so humble and being so givinggift_heart. Your blessings crownwill continue to multiply prayheartpulsegift_heartbouquet

Hi Ana, I just joined and am so  blessed to be a part of something special. I am new to newborn photography and so eager to learn from everyone. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.  

I am so excited you offered this membership at this amazing price!  I've only been in business formally for a year and a half now, and I have oh so much to learn!  I absolutely love your work, felted inspiration book, and Creative Live course, so I know this is going to be a tremendously valuable education site for me, and I'm thrilled to be a part of it.  Cheers!

Thankyou!! For everything!!

New post in Editing Videos on Ana Brandt Members:

Good morning Ana!!

(Australia time).

For years I followed a lot of photographers and I still struggle a lot. 

Everyone moves fast in their tutorials. However, you make it so real!!! 

I mean you show everything in your videos, the struggles, when things don’t go to plan, you still stream and not cut those out! 

Because this is real life when photographing newborns and you are real! 

You don’t beat around the bush, you explain and make sure we can see. For the special price that you have generously give to us, I want to say Thankyou!

because being at that special price (plus the exchange rate) I was able to afford this membership. Words cannot describe your generosity, calm and good nature, funny and best of all so much learning content that I even dream about your tutorials lol. 

I followed you on creativelive and I loved watching you on there. But now this feels more real and personal somehow like this was meant for me.

thankyou for your time, discount and help!! Have a wonderful day Ana!!!! clapraised_handsok_hand



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